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Low Libido


Women rarely talk about having low libido, thinking that it’s a normal phenomenon. In fact, the causes of low libido in women are treatable. 

What is female low libido?
Low libido, in medical terms, is known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder couple_kid.jpg(HSDD). It can be related to an inability to reach an orgasm (anorgasmia), difficulty being sexually aroused or painful sexual intercourse, known as dyspareunia. Any or all of these things can result in a woman losing her interest in sex.

What causes low libido?
Some causes are hormonal. Low levels of testosterone will result in low libido. Sometimes a lack of female hormones will lead to vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. 

There are several emotional factors related to the loss of libido. These can be treated as a couple with sex therapy or other type of couple’s psychotherapy. Reasons a woman might have an emotional cause of low libido include:

· High stress levels                       
· Marital problems
· Depression
· Anxiety disorders
· Childhood sexual abuse

How is low libido treated?

couple_dancing.jpgTraditional Medical Approach: 
There are many ways to treat low libido in women. The treatment sometimes depends on the cause of the disease. Some conventional treatments include using testosterone to boost libido, using estrogen or applying vaginal lubricants. As noted above, couple’s counseling can help as does individual therapy. Stress reduction can be aided by things like yoga or regular exercise. Weight loss sometimes helps as well. There are many natural remedies for low libido including eating chocolate. 

Functional Medicine Approaches:
In looking at low libido you can see that these symptoms can come from several organs, glands and various hormones. That’s why functional endocrinology is the effective approach to bringing about balance within the whole body. The variety of tests performed is important to determine from where the problem is stemming. By balancing out these deficiencies, your libido will return. 




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